A product that helps notify teammates of distraction in a more discrete way and allows team members to be more responsible and productive throughout meetings. Sway also gives team members a holistic view of their productivity through a web app.



Team distraction can cause conflict and actually stop work from being completed on time

Our Goal

To enhance the team dynamic experience by leveraging motion in a less distracting way that allows for the team to be more productive.

We Looked Into

Different factors that can lead into distraction within the team dynamic to help us guide our survey and interview questions.

We Create Mindsets

Based on the people we interviewed we created two spectrums that our users fall under.

With all the insights we gathered

We created 2 personas and users journey of our ideal target audience to get a better understanding their goals, frustration and opportunities for us to solve the problem


Main Features

Timer & Initiate meeting

Green light on meeting indicate meeting is in session and there is no distraction happening in the group. The light ring is also a 20 minutes timer that users can check on the time without going on their phone or laptop

Touch & Haptic Feedback

Sway has a built in force sensitive resistor which allows users to simply tap the top in more discrete way and receive a vibration to signal that their input has been recorded across all buttons.

Pick Moderator

Yellow light will indicate picked moderator which allows team member to be more responsible and prepared as well as a sense of ownership toward the projects

Notify Distraction

If there is any distraction during the meeting, the light will gradually change into red to let team members know that they are being distracted

Home Screen

Users can easily access to Sway web app and look at upcoming meeting, on going projects, data visualization, to do list and calendar

Create agenda

Users can create agenda and set realistic goal for upcoming meetings

Create new meeting

User can create new meeting with individual team and invite team members

Arduino Parts

For our parts we used Neopixel light rings, sensitivity resistor, nano adruino, haptic motor control, vibrating motor disc, bluetooth sensor and battery. We were able to test out all the part individually and soldered everything together to put inside the buttons.



Code Snippet

Sway was created using various arduino parts