About me


Hi I'm Eric. Most recently I was a designer on the digital experiences team at Funko crafting new experiences for funko.com, loungefly.com, as well as the Funko mobile app. Previously I was a UI Designer/Developer at Black Math collaborating on front-end web development and UX/UI design based projects for various clients. I have also interned with Bobblehaus, iCIMS & worked freelance with Vera Roca. I am a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in User Experience Design.
Take a look at my Resume , add me on LinkedIn and feel free to contact me at eflatt18@gmail.com.

I am a huge music fan, vinyl collector and drummer. My Current listening rotation


I also enjoy videogames, watching hockey, going to concerts and hanging out with my dog. These are some side projects I've worked on, Note: Some of these sites have been updated since I worked on them and may appear different.


Spotify Collaborative Queue

A collaborative spotify queue with a robot if your feeling uninspired


SCAD CoMotion

A student run design conference


My plant twitter account

A Raspberry pi monitors the health of my plants


SCAD StartUp

An annual design sprint with over 300 participants


FLUX UX Design Club

SCAD's User Experience Design Club

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