Most recently I was a UX/UI Designer on the digital experience team at Funko.
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Mobile App Design System


The Funko mobile app utilizes Atomic Design methodology for its design system. This method allows the mobile app to have a scalable design system using all five stages of the atomic design method to breakdown the design elements into small, reusable components.


Atoms are the base level of any design system, components broken down as far as they can be without ceasing functionality.

Icons used thoughout the mobile app

app icons

Grid for mobile phones and tablets


Breakdown of search bar molecule into its individual atoms.


Breakdown of product card bar molecule into its individual atoms.

product card bar

List library ribbon

wishlist ribbon


add to collection button
Default Collection CTA State
add to collection button
Active Collection CTA State
add to collection button
CTA for a Purchasable Item
add to collection button
Share Button Using Native OS Share Activity


The molecules are groups of atoms put together to create UI elements.

Search form molecule composed of label, input and button atoms

search form
active search bar
Active Search Bar

mobile app product card
Product cards used on Product List Pages


Organisms are more complex UI components made up of molecules and atoms.

Funko mobile app header and footer components

mobile app header
mobile app footer

Recommended products carousel

recommended products

PLP Product card grid in use

product cards


Combining all the design system components creating templates to work off of. These templates allow for easy iteration and creating new features.

Funko mobile app home screen

mobile app home screen

Product Display Page

mobile app pdp

Product List Page

mobile app plp


This is an example of the basic structure of modals in the funko app. It can be used as a template to adapt to different needs.

modal example

Mobile App List Library

list library

Please note: All projects during my employment at Funko are the sole property of Funko.