Creating genuine relationships between different generations
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A person turns 65 every eight seconds

By 2030, around 19% of people in the US will be over 65

That is about the same number of people in the US who own an iPhone today

Due to the challenges that come from aging, elders are unable to stay active and be social. This can have a negative impact on their health and living situation.

Introducing Bond

Bond is a platform that creates and maintains genuine relationships between different generations through sharing skills and stories. With Bond, seniors will get a chance to Connect, Share and Grow. This will give seniors more opportunities to socialize while learning from each other.

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Community Events

Seniors can gather together as larger groups. Community centers can also organize events and recruit suitable volunteers for the events

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Get Togethers

Explore different Get Toegethers based on interests and also create one to share skills and stories with other people

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Allows people to record moments throughout the events and share it with each other. Everyone can join to put together scrapbooks


People can experience bonding as a group to form a connection


People get a chance to share their passion with other people and make a positive impact


Providing an inclusive learning environment of different skills and activities

An elderly friendly interface



Tutorials make learing how to use and interact with Bond easy and simple. Showing the same tutorial multiple times to reinforce behavior easing the frustration that can come with learning something new.


Our Impact

By connecting individuals, it adds 1.2 years for every person that can get over loneliness

6000+ years to humanity

By Sharing, we can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, risk of physical health concerns

By Growing, cognitive abilities can decline 70 percent more slowly